Monday, November 5, 2018

Brian Wilson at the Royal Festival Hall, London 2007

This is one of the first shows where Brian played That Lucky Old Sun in it's entirety, a good year before the album was actually released.

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American Spring-Spring Plus

Let's get things rolling!
Time to (re-) start things off with some music from American Spring, a duo consisting of Brian Wilson's first wife Marilyn and her sister Diane. The album is called "Spring", it came out in 1972 and was produced by Wilson and David Sandler. Most of the songs were written by Brian and/or Sandler, with a few covers and Beach Boys remakes thrown in for good measure.

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Sunday, November 4, 2018


If anyone actually stumbles upon this blog, this is not a new blog per se. From 2007 until a few months ago, I had a blog where I posted rare Beach Boys music called Yes, I Do Like Worms. The name was a response to the question in the title of a song from the legendary SMiLE album called "Do You Like Worms?"  For various reasons, I decided to delete my old google account a few months ago, and along with it went the blog. The blog is now back but with a slightly modified name. Get ready to dig worms again, Beach Boys fans!